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Residential and Commercial Drying Experts | Water Damage Ottawa

Expert Drying Services 01Stop The Water Source The First Step in a Successful Water Restoration is to Stop the Source of the Water. Whether it is a Burst Pipe, a Blocked Drain, or Sub Pump Malfunction it Needs to be Addressed First. 02Removal of Water Damaged Materials and Content The Next Step in the Water [...]
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Water Damage Timelines

Water Damage Timelines Hours 1-4 Drywall Begins to Dissolve and Breakdown Metal Surfaces Begin to Tarnish Furniture begins to swell and crack. Dyes and Inks From Cloth and Paper Goods Spread and Stain A Must Odour Begins to Form. 48 Hrs- 1 Week Mould and mildew may grow and spread. Doors, windows, and studs swell [...]
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Emergency 24/7 Services

About The Project 01Project Overview Aufbau is providing preconstruction and construction management services on the NEXUS high-rise residential condominium tower in Seattle, Washington. 02Additional Information The Aufbau team combined its expertise in construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, steel decking and structural engineering. 03Key Benefits The building has stimulated interest in architecture and sustainability, and regularly [...]
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